Perfect Angel in lesbian casting

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  • I actually imagine Angel may well be just that, sent down on earth to pleasure women. Angel of orgasms. Wow. When Angel first walked into the office I didn't know quite how to take her. Upon realizing she had a girlfriend and was in an open relationship then I knew getting her to display her skills on my casting couch should be quite an easy obstacle to overcome, and I wasn't wrong. She is a dancer by trade and her body showed it, very supple and quite toned. I think my partner and mentor Jim may have given her our card, but it matters not where she came from, most important was that she was here, on my couch. I began in with the usual patter and met hardly any resistance when I asked if she wanted to do a short casting video. Then she blew my world open. I didn't know how good she was going to be so I took the lead and I got her pussy juices flowing into my mouth as I made her cum first. Then I rode her face until she had me orgasm which made me arch my back and almost fall off the couch. Usually this is where I tell them to get dressed but she wanted more and so did I, we were both infused with lust fever. Before I knew it she was making me cum again on my back as her tongues and fingers pleasure my pussy like a woman possessed. I had to return the favor then, I was still turned on after my amazing two orgasms so I made her cum once more in the 69 position. An amazing casting with about 4 orgasms for you lucky members. I'd love to see this woman again but I can't see it happening once she realizes there will be no phone call chasing her up for work. Still an amazing pussy pleaser and a brilliant casting.